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  Rippin Dawgs' Mission  


‚ÄčOur mission is to teach athletes transferable life skills through the sport of diving.

Skills such as teamwork, self-confidence, perseverance, tenacity, facing fears, as well as physical and mental strength are nurtured and cultivated while learning different and more difficult dives at every level - and cheering on teammates throughout the process.

We offer all levels of training, from beginner diving lessons to summer prep to elite Junior Olympic training. Each level offers progressively more training days per week, deeper skills, longer training sessions and longer practice times.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy embraces a holistic approach to training athletes recognizing the importance of addressing mental, emotional, and physical aspects of diving.

Mental Skills Training

We believe the first step in creating and maintaining a healthy training environment for young athletes includes consistent training and a positive mental attitude. We will set attainable, but high, realistic goals for divers to continue growing and progressing, each at their own rate.

Self-motivation is key to diver success. We incorporate positive self-talk and positive mental imagery to help divers effectively manage sports-related anxiety, overcome fear of trying new skills, and to increase the ability to maintain concentration.

Emotional Skills Training

When athletes experience overwhelming feelings and thoughts associated with their emotions, their bodies and minds can be impacted. Because diving involves overcoming fear, coaching divers includes a certain amount of assisting athletes with emotional regulation. Athletes are encouraged to recognize that stress and anxiety are their body’s way of preparing for action. We work with the athlete to “reappraise” the situation – to think differently about it and to think about concrete steps to address the root of the fear together.

Physical Training

To prepare young divers for the rigors of the sport, and to reduce the risk of injuries, our focus includes training for strength, aerobic capacity, and flexibility. Physical conditioning and stretching are an integral part of ensuring an athlete’s ability to perform to their peak ability. Additionally, dryland skills training allows divers to practice diving skills in a controlled and managed environment. The building blocks of physical conditioning, flexibility, and dry land skills culminate in a successful transition to practical integration of those skills to diving boards and platforms.


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Join us for Summer Prep!
In May, we are offering our Summer Prep Program to all summer league hopefuls.
Flexible training schedule offered Monday through Thursday from 6:45 to 8:00pm and Saturdays from 1:45 to 3:00pm.
Email for more information.


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