Payment for monthly training is a recurring payment using a credit or debit card. Checks and cash are not accepted. No Exceptions.

Periodically, we will offer single payment events, such as workshops, clinics or camps. These will be charged as a one time fee, and in some instances we might accept checks or cash. But online credit card transactions are the norm.

Monthly training fees are subject to increase based on annual inflation. The standard annual inflation rate is 3% per year. 



Parking at the Retievers Activities Center (RAC) is free after 4:00pm, Monday - Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday. If you drive to campus any other time of day, there is no free parking - and usually limited available parking - and you are on your own with the campus parking enforcement.


Access to the Pool 

General Policy, all who enter the RAC must do so through the front door with an access card administered by the RAC. There will be some occasions (such as the October Open) when you will be allowed to enter through the outdoor pool gate.


Athlete's Attitude 

This is not a babysitting service. Athletes are expected to behave like athletes. Horseplay and rude or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Coaches have full authority to remove any athlete without warning for behavioural issues. If the behavioural issues persist, athletes will be asked to leave the club without refund.


Parents' Role 

Toxicity is not allowed and will not be tolerated. This is in the best interest of the individual athletes and the club as a whole. A parent's role is to parent their children, not coach diving or suggest coaching strategy or philosophy. Parents are expected to behave like well-mannered adults. Coaches have full authority to remove any parent without warning for behavioural issues. If coaches need assistance removing a parent, other campus staff or campus seecurity will be called on. If the behavioural issues persist, athletes will be asked to leave the club without refund.

Skill Progression 

Athletes will learn the sport of diving through skill progression. We build foundational skills first and progress from there. When a coach feels an athlete is ready to move on to the next skill progression, the athlete will be coached through the progression. If a coach feels the athlete needs more work at their current level, they will remain at the current level until skill and/or commitment progress. This is at the coach's sole discretion, and no one else's.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available, will be managed through the club and will be offered on an individual basis. There will be opportunity for privates throughout the year; although pool and coach availability is not guaranteed. Please do not directly ask a coach to coach an athlete privately. Please contact the club and it will be worked out and managed centrally.



If the pool is closed due to weather, practice will be commensurately canceled with no refund.



Training fees are monthly, regardless of number of days in the month or typical holidays.


Missed Practice

If a diver misses practice due to their own circumstances, there are no make ups.