Practice Times

Novice/Intermediate 75 minutes, 2-4 days/week

Choose from:

Monday - Thursday, 6:45pm - 8:00pm

Saturdays, 1:45pm - 3:00pm


Junior Advanced (aka Pre Team) 90 minutes, 2-4 days/week

Choose from:

Monday - Thursday, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Saturdays, 12:30pm - 2:00pm


Elite / Young Elite 120 minutes, 4-6 days/week

Choose from:

Elite: Monday - Thursday, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Young Elite: Monday - Thursday, 5:15pm - 7:00pm

Fridays, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturdays, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Training Fees

Prices good, September 2023 – July 2024

- Novice / Intermediate1.25 hours/day, 2 days/week = $291/month

Novice / Intermediate1.25 hours/day, 3-4 days/week = $436/month


- Junior Advanced / Pre Team1.5 hours/day, 2 days/week = $310/month

- Junior Advanced / Pre Team1.5 hours/day, 3-4 days/week = $465/month


- Young Elite (13U), 1.75 hours/day, 4-6 days/week = $541/month


Elite (14+)2 hours/day, 4-6 days/week = $618/month


Club Registration

2022/23 Club Registration (valid September  2022 - August 2023) = $165


Club Registration includes:

Team membership and administration 

Access to all available equipment, while supervised and according to skill level

Team T-Shirt and SWAG


What are Progression Skills?

Progression Skills are progressively difficult skills in all five dive categories.

For example, here are some typical progressions:

Fronts: 100 > 001 > 101c > 101b > 102c > 102b > 103c > 103b > 104c

Backs: 200 > 002 > j002 > 201c > 202c > 202b > 203c

Reverses: 300 > 201c > 301c > 302c > 302b > 303c

Inwards: 400 > 101c > 401c > 401b > 402c > 402b > 403c


What do all of those numbers and letters mean?

Numbers = Categories, Half Somersaults, Half Twists

100 = Front Jump

200 = Back Jump

300 = Reverse Jump 

400 = Inward Jump 

5000 = Twister (5, followed by Category, followed by number of half somersaults, followed by number of half twists)

Letters = Positions 

A = Straight

B = Pike 

C = Tuck 

D = Free 


101B = Front Dive, Pike

203C = Back 1 1/2 Somersaults, Tuck

5323D = Reverse 1 Somersault, 1 1/2 Twists, Free


What is a Pencil Jump?

Pencil Jumps are standing jumps, in "hollow" entry position. Pencil Jumps help train body tension and position awareness. These can be performed forward, backward, reverse and inward directions!


What do we learn in Lessons?

Beginner Lessons (aka Summer Prep) are where you learn fundamental skills that allow you to learn progressively more difficult dives. Beginner Lessons are geared toward athletes (usually under 10 years old) who are new to diving, and are still just learning the basics. We teach things like diving safety, positions (tuck, pike, hollow, "pencil", entry), how to jump off the board forward and backward, what's an inward and what's reverse dive, brand new hurdles, hop hop skills, and venturing up to 3 meter (yikes!). 


What is the Novice/Intermediate Group?

The Novice/Intermediate Group is where we learn to do TUCK DIVES in all four directions. This group is for divers who are interested in improving their skill level and learning new dives, but not (yet) interested or ready to train at a more advanced level. We take a more laid-back approach to learning dives and provide a fun and engaging environment.

Divers in this group will practice two days per week, on a first come, first served basis, and are encouraged to dive with us for at least three consecutive months to see true, lasting improvement. This is not a required commitment, but real change happens over time and divers who stick with it longer will improve more substantially and form better habits which they will tend to keep.


What is Junior Advanced?

The Junior Advanced Group (aka Pre Team) is for divers who want to take their diving to the next level, whether getting ready to dive in Junior Olympic events or thinking they might want to dive in college.

This group is ideal for advancing athletes who do not yet have all of their FINA age group dives, or want to learn bigger dives, and are willing and motivated to train. Divers will be invited to join this group, once they have shown the desired commitment and interest, and will have the option to practice three or four days per week, with a four-month commitment. 


What is Elite Junior Olympic Training?

The Junior Olympic (aka Elite) Team is the most advanced group in the club. Divers will be invited to join this elite group only when they have exhibited the traits needed to join - a willingness and desire to train hard every day, a high level of coachability, commitment, work ethic, and a demonstrated passion for learning and perfecting harder and harder dives.

This group will be expected to train at least four days per week and will commit to training for twelve consecutive months.

Elite Junior Olympic athletes will work on improving every dive in their FINA age group lists and work towards learning new dives every day. Training is offered Monday - Saturday and will have intense dry land and water training.

External Fees, Required Upon Registration, not charged by the club:

AAU Youth Athlete membership, $16/year (required insurance, to be purchased and our club selected as part of our online registration process. This must be obtained BEFORE any diving!). AAU Memberships run September - August annually, which means you have to renew every year after August 31st.

Web Administration Fee, $3.50/month (added to your monthly bill)


Private Lessons

Private lessons will also be available soon, upon request. Pricing and times offered for private lessons will depend on pool rental cost and pool time availability.



All club administration, choosing and cancelling of workouts, team updates and billing will occur online. You will be able to manage your billing and workout schedule through the Parent Portal on our website. Billing will be recurring.

Coaches will not be able to perform any administrative functions on deck.

Your AAU membership, practice times and payments MUST be completed before you get to the pool, and will be done via the registration process.


Competitive Standards:

Age Group Lists both boards

US Diving

Future Champions 

Level 1 – 6 skills

Level 2 – 5 skills 1 dive

Level 3 – 4 skills 2 dives

Level 4 – 3 skills 3 dives

Level 5 – 3 skills 2 vols 2 ops

Level 6 – 2 skills 3 vols 2 ops

Level 7 – 1 skill 3 vols 3 ops

Level 8 – 4 vols 3 ops

Skills = 100, 200 abc; 001, 002 abc; 5301, 5102, 5303, 5104, 5201, 5203, 5205


US Juniors

11U:    3 vols (5.0/5.4) + 3 ops

12-13: 4 vols (7.2/7.6) + 3 ops

14-15: 5 vols (9.0/9.5) + 3 ops (boys 4 ops)

16-18: 5 vols (9.0/9.5) + 4 ops (boys 5 ops)



9U:      3 vols (5.4/5.4) + 1 op

10-11:  3 vols (5.4/5.4) + 2 ops

12-13:  5 vols (9.0/9.5) + 2 ops (boys 3 ops)

14-15:  5 vols (9.0/9.5) + 3 ops (boys 4 ops)

16-17:  5 vols (9.0/9.5) + 4 ops (boys 5 ops)

18-19:  5 vols (9.0/9.5) + 4 ops (boys 5 ops)


AAU Novice

9U:      4 skills (1.0) or dives (true DD)

10-11:  5 skills or dives

12-13:  6 skills or dives

14-15:  6 skills or dives

16-17:  7 skills or dives 


AAU Synchro 1M / 3M

13U:    2 vols (2.0) + 2 ops (true DD)

14-15:  2 vols + 3 ops

16+:     2 vols + 3 ops